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Week 6: That's a Wrap!

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together!

Wait, that’s copyrighted…

Well, anyway it’s time to say goodbye to this internship. The past ___ weeks have been a wonderful, stressful, amazing, stressful, eye opening (did I mention stressful) experience that I’m so grateful I had the opportunity of doing.

This was truly a great learning experience. I was able to get hands on experience directing my own short film and recording sound and being a production assistant for the other intern films. I made videos narrative videos in the past for my YouTube channel, but never anything to this degree. Learning more about the script writing process and honing in more on my skills and etiquette on set has made me a stronger filmmaker.

Something I’ve also found useful was finding inspiration to help both my script writing and directing process. Here is the list of the books I’ve read and movies I watched to help prepare for my film:

Movies/Tv Shows

  • Milk

  • Side by Side

  • The Conversation

  • The Queen of Katwe

  • Vanity Fair

  • Be Kind Rewind

  • Living in Oblivion

  • **Euphoria

  • **Joker

  • **The Office

  • ** Parks and Recreation

  • **The Good Place


  • Cinematography: Theory and Practice

  • Film Directing Shot by Shot

  • Making Movies

  • Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film

I got the chance to connect with 3 talented filmmakers that are going to do amazing things outside of this internship. Going through this process with them was very helpful and I know I couldn’t have made my film without them! I know we showed a lot of our professional work on these blog post, but not much of what happens behind the scenes. So I made a small video of some of the outtakes, breakdowns, and chaotic moments I was able to catch on camera. Enjoy!

xoxo Gossip Girl

Wait, copyright again! Have I learned nothing these past few weeks!?

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