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Week 6: That's a Wrap!

As we go on, we remember all the times we had together! Wait, that’s copyrighted… Well, anyway it’s time to say goodbye to this internship. The past ___ weeks have been a wonderful, stressful, amazing, stressful, eye opening (did I mention stressful) experience that I’m so grateful I had the opportunity of doing. This was truly a great learning experience. I was able to get hands on experience directing my own short film and recording sound and being a production assistant for the other intern films. I made videos narrative videos in the past for my YouTube channel, but never anything to this degree. Learning more about the script writing process and honing in more on my skills and etiquette


How can it be over?!?!??!?! here's a video of our last day in the office... we're tired. After 6 intense weeks of pre production, production, and post production, I'm more inspired than ever. I only just finally finished my film yesterday and already i'm ready to make another. I must be crazy. It took a lot to get the the point of completion but now that i'm here it feels soooo good to have a piece of narrative I feel proud of and enjoy watching. I couldn’t have done this without the film queen herself Cameo, and my amazing producer Connie Jo who brought it all together (not to mention the INCREDIBLE location she found for me, thank you for suggesting your rooftop!!) Watching my fellow inter


Spending the beginning hours of Valentines day in an office editing this video. These little blog videos are worth it for me, though. Probably wouldn't have it any other way. This is what it takes to make a film, huh? I feel like I lost a bit of myself, but in a way, I gained a bit of something too. I'm already excited to start on something new, because as abruptly as this internship ends, I am thrown back into the life I had before. Life goes on. Things don't stop. It's hard for me not to get nostalgic. I barely had time to watch any movies or read anything. My mind was filled with film though. Yes, I ate, slept, breathed film. Did I sleep? AHAHAHA. Anyway. This internship was intense and g

WEEK 6: can i stay?

Hi, This is tamar & it is 23:02 on a Thursday February something, after much thought I decided I can't leave. there's so much unfinished business!!!! I don't want to haunt SF or most likely have SF haunt me!!! I HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED THE HOT GAY COOKIES FROM CASTRO STREET! this is definitely heavy emo hours for me. this internship has taught me so much! Working with Cameo and Connie Jo, I learnt so much about the entertainment industry. It made me realize that filmmakers' work never really ends. It's a constant hustle!!! I thrived in the thrill of it all and it made me realize that I love doing this. I want to keep making films. <33333 I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I'm done with the file. I've neve

week 5

EDIT, EXPORT, REVISE, THEN EXPORT SOME MORE. That's what this week will consist of now that the production process is over. Editing may feel like a time where you can sit back and enjoy the final rewrite, but in reality, it can be almost as challenging as writing the script. All four of our films ended up being a little over three minutes even though we had filmed from three page scripts. Our obsession with tracking shots gave us all an extra minute and a half or more. Cameo said our films must be exactly three minutes long with credits. So far I've gotten my film down to 3 minutes and twenty seconds. shaving off these last twenty seconds might feel excruciating in the moment, but so far (su

Week 5: Back from the dead

Broken into fragments, I was able to examine the points of my fractures. Just when you think you know yourself, there's more to know. Like being back from the dead. Gotta come down some time. All that to say: Being a director last week was humbling. It's hard to to balance sometimes knowing what you know and knowing what you don't. Which is why I loved DPing everyone else's short films. It felt good to know that people depended on me to translate their words into visuals. It was good practice on my end as well. Then when I met a female gaffer I know at the lighting workshop, I lost my shit. I miss gripping and studying the gaffing trade. Gripping is problem solving in another way. The feelin

Week 5: Post Production Pandemonium

We’re in the final stretch and it’s time to edit our short films! Last week we went into production and filmed/supported each other’s short film projects. After I imported all of my footage into Premiere I realized…this isn’t going to turn out how I planned. As I was watching back the footage, I realized that it was hard for me to organize my footage and audio, I missed a couple of shots, and most importantly, if this video reflects the current version if my script it will be 5:30!! The max time we can have is 3 minutes! So needless to say I have a lot of restructuring to do. Nonetheless, the production process was a huge lesson and I had a few key takeaways from it. ​ Be Organized. Making

WEEK 5: am i a fish yet?

Hi, This is Tamar and it is 11:12am on a Tuesday, Feb 4 <3 SHOOTING a lot has happened in the past two weeks, we all shot our films and are now in the process of editing them. So turns out, filming on a SF beach is a pain in the buttocks area. Initially it was going beautifully, right up until a devils pawn of a blizzard hit. 70% of my sound is a windy trash and incoherent, the execution lacked because I couldn't hear myself think because of the wind, my actors were freezing and my crew was suffering. It was a sheet show. on a more positive note, WE DID IT! we all managed to shoot our shorts. Shoot the short, you know what I mean? :'))) We learnt A LOT! so much too consider for future pro

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