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Film and Reading Collection

A list of films, books and scripts that I read and or watched during my FWT! Read Materials: The Peregrine by J.A Baker Visual Storytelling by Morgan Sandler Leave No Trace Script by Debra Granik and Anne Rossellini Milk Script by Dustin Lance Black Of Walking in Ice by Werner Herzog World Film Locations San Francisco edited by Scott Jordan Harris Master Shot 2nd Edition by Christopher Kenworthy Movies Watched: Groundhog Day Leave No Trace Eighth Grade The Lobster Remember the Daze Burden of Dreams Mid 90s The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Searching Zion The Trader (Sovdagari) End Game Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened FYRE FRAUD City of God Happy as Lozzaro Mystery Science Theatre 3

FWT Film and Reading Collection

A growing list of films and books I've read over the course of my Field Work Term! Films: The Sixth Sense Groundhog Day Leave No Trace Eighth Grade The Lobster Remember the Daze Tangerine Mid 90's Shirkers Searching Happy as Lazzaro Zion The Trader End Game Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened Mystery Science Theater 3000: Horrors on Spider Island Silence of the Lambs Books: Master Shot Notes on the Cinematograph Life as We Show It Clearance and Copyright: Everything You Need to Know for Film and Television Film Locations of San Francisco If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die Independent Female Filmmakers

Week Seven

My last week in San Francisco went by rapidly. For the first three days of the week the Charming Stranger team was on the set of Cameo’s short film, Nice. The set was incredible as the production location, The Producer’s Loft, had so many different spaces and props to be used. I was so happy to be able to contribute to the project as Elisha and I were awarded with the job of production assistants. I learned so much about how to handle the equipment used on set and how to realistically set up the physical spaces that needed to be replicated. I am so grateful that within this internship, along with many other experiences, I was able to be a production assistant for two different short films. L

Week Seven

My last week in San Francisco flew by in the blink of an eye. With so much to do, it was a race against time to finish up everything I still had to do for my short film along with other projects. The first half of the week was spent at the Producer's Loft, which is an amazing space that can be transformed into many different sets, in order to film Cameo's short, Nice. Being on set for this production was so cool! Cameo took great effort to have the majority of the crew be women from the industry, and it was really inspiring to meet a woman cinematographer, gaffer, and sound recordist. As a PA, I got to help build the set, set props, help the crew which was super fun and I got to learn s

Week Six

After six weeks of long days and careful planning, the day had finally come, Coven Film Festival. The week was super busy as the whole team was working tirelessly and all our focus was on getting the last details of Coven together. Friday was a full day of setting up and getting ready for all the incredible filmmakers and guests to arrive. We made swag bags, badges, and hung up posters for the event. As night approached, we got ready for the networking party at Hotel Kabuki. The first event of Coven, the networking party, was absolutely amazing! After being so involved in the process and watching all the films so many times, it was crazy to actually meet all the filmmakers in person. Wh

Week Six

In week six, I continued with the post production work of my film. Julie and I proceeded making editing tweaks, inching us towards the final cut. Julie was so efficient with the editing process and considerate of all of my thoughts and wishes that I communicated. I could not be more thankful that she is apart of this project. Week six also had the whole scooby gang come together to solve the last mysteries of Coven Film Festival’s planning and logistics. Even if at times it felt like a frenzy, it was great having the team together and helping each other out. At that moment and after six weeks of helping plan and coordinate Coven, I could not believe that it was that Saturday! When the weeken

Week Five

In week five, I saw Werner Herzog’s face more than anyone else’s. I say this meaning week five was largely about my Master Class. As I watched Herzog in the medium of video lessons and completing the attached assignment for each, I felt so grateful for being able to take this online course. Herzog is nothing less than an expert on the strategies, requirements and creative process of filmmaking as he has experienced great wonders, luck, success and tragedies himself throughout his long, ongoing career. In fact, the more I learn about him the more I am sure he is gloriously mad and one of the most interesting and experienced people to exist. If I could have dinner with someone dead or alive an

Week Five

Week five has been absolutely flying by (as most weeks here do), which is bittersweet and slightly stressful as I think about all I have left to accomplish. This week, I spent a lot of time focusing on my Masterclass taught by Martin Scorsese, it has been wonderfully educational as most of the lessons match up with the timeline of my film. During the post production part of making my film, the lessons on color, sound effects, and music have been especially helpful. Along with following the classes, I also recently read the book If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die which explains the meaning of colors in films and explores these different uses in many well-known movies. After watching the

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