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Here's a list of all the books and films Clare read and watched during her seven week #FieldWorkTerm in addition to her Werner Herzog Masterclass. Clare: BOOKS READ Master Shots Volume 2 Shot by Shot Celluloid San Francisco The Peregrine World Film Locations San Francisco The Monstrous Feminine The Year of Magical Thinking The White Album They Fought Like Demons The Secret History MOVIES WATCHED Long Shot The Crush Oh, Lucy Burn After Reading Call Me By Your Name Faces, Places I, Tonya Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri The Meyerwitz Stories El Mariachi Less Than Zero Kicking and Screaming Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold Lady Bird 1922 She’s Gotta Have It A Futile and Stupid Ges

Week Seven

This week, I turned in the first draft of my script on Monday and revised it. I also had a chance to revisit and re-write my show bible. I finished the masterclass lessons as well and Shonda had some very helpful things to say about editing, how a writer’s room works, and TV production in general. This internship has overall been a great experience for me. It was fun and exciting that I was able to work on a personal project in addition to the work done for the company. I had a lot of fun writing my script and learning about the process of making a TV pilot and although I had a little bit of trouble developing the story, I was able to figure it out in the end and am happy with the result. Wr

Week Seven

Tomorrow I take a flight into Albany and go back to Bennington College. I have spent the last seven weeks in San Francisco working what is essentially the dream job. In this final week so much happened - I edited the sound for "Celia" with Disher Music and sent out the final cut to a colorist who will continue editing as I am at school. "Celia" is in it's final stages and I can't believe it actually happened. I made a film in just about five and a half weeks with the help of two incredible women, Cameo and Connie. I spent hours and hours watching "Celia" grow into something presentable, and for my first film, I'm pretty damn proud of it. This week was also spent doing script revision for C

Week Six

This week was mainly finalizing Celia. I was working with Julie Hwang on the rough cuts in order to get a picture lock. It was and still is incredibly difficult to find a colorist and sound designer who can do the film either for or incredibly cheap. This week wasn't so much an overload of work as it was a personal hurdle. I have spoken about this before but the stress of rewatching your own work very much got to me this week. I started to notice not only things wrong with the cut, but the things I should have done better on the days of shooting and my own unfixable mistakes. It was frustrating but it was something that I had to combat, because often that is what makes me abandon projects; t

Week Six

This week, I went over my beat board and completely redid it. I had tons of drama to add to the script and it ended up working a lot better. I’ve spent hours trying to fix the beat board so that it would be easier for me to write. I have also started writing my script this week, and so far, I haven’t had too many issues with it. I am planning on finishing this weekend so that I can get notes and review it before my internship ends next Friday. This week, I realized just how much work I’ve been doing. It takes a lot to get to the point of actually being able to write the script, and I have to say, I feel like by the end of this internship I will feel like I have accomplished something.

Week Five

This week was purely post production for Celia. Originally, when shooting, the plan was that I would be doing all of the editing myself. This was a daunting task as I had never edited visuals that had no audio attached; syncing audio from no reference, and was very nervous about that. After trying to make proxies of the 4K footage from the RED camera, Cameo and I discovered this was nearly impossible with how little RAM my computer had. It was practically shutting down anytime I tried to open Adobe Premiere. Cameo was kind enough to get in contact with a friend of hers from Skywalker Studios, Julie Hwang, who had enough free time to edit the piece. I had never worked on my own piece with ano

Week Five

This week, I gave my pitch. This is the first time I have pitched a TV show, and I was a little nervous. Nonetheless, I got through it and received a lot of helpful feedback that will help me keep the process of writing my show going. I have also drafted out the pilot episode of my series and I will be ready to outline this weekend and write my first draft next week. The Atavist also has a second draft, so I did some coverage on that. I’m having a little bit of trouble developing my characters or at least describing them in a way that shows who they are rather than telling who they are. Therefore, I had to dive a little deeper in developing my characters this week so I can be ready to write

Week Four

There is no way to describe how wonderful this week was for me. I was given quite a bit to do, but loved every moment of it. This was the end of pre production for my short film Celia, as we began shooting the upcoming weekend. I made some minor revisions to the script, to make it more palatable, as well as getting in contact with all the actors and confirming the schedule. I had to create a series of call sheets for the two days we were shooting - a far more difficult task then I thought it would be. Organizing when the crew should be there, how long we should take for each scene, and what was the most efficient scene order was difficult to discern. But after many iterations, I finalized th

Week Four

This week, I had the opportunity to work hard on my Show bible. On Monday this week, we reviewed my bible and looked closely at the characters. As I was reading their descriptions out loud, I realized that we did not know anything about them and they were described through their relation to the main character rather than as individuals. I essentially had to start from the beginning for each character. I have, since Monday, been doing a lot of research regarding the time period my story is based in. I also have been doing a ton of research based on the powers I gave my characters because it is important that I talk more about how those work. I took some time to look at each character separate

Week Three

This week was by far the most overwhelming - It finally hit me exactly how far away from home I was, and how very much I had to accomplish. I find that I work well under stress, but for some reason this week really got to me. There was a lot of work to be done, and not exactly enough of my mental capacity was working. However, after a real kick in the ass from Cameo, I found that I was back on track and ready to do my best. The previously mentioned voiceovers were not as up to par as they should have been and I spent the last day of this week fixing them with Matt. I was upset that I hadn't done what was expected of me, but after being told I could do better, I freaking did. With the voiceov

Week Three

This week, I worked on scripts, Podcast edits, continued masterclasses, and received a new task to work on social media posts for the promotion for the release of “Real Artists”. I don’t do much sound editing normally, but I got to learn how to use Garage Band which is pretty simple to use after looking up how to do things and a bit of trial and error. I am also taking a Masterclass with Shonda Rhimes. I am learning so much in the class that I never knew about the process of Writing TV. This week, we went over character development, the importance of research, and pitching. After having reviewed these lessons, I have started writing a bible for the show I am writing. Having been trained to w

Week Two

Week Two of this internship was incredibly eye opening. Cameo had told me that I should take the opportunity to make my first professional short film. Using a very rough version of a script that has been sitting in my back pocket for years, I spent the time to reformat it and revise it to become a ten page short film. Cameo informed me that if I ever wanted to submit it for festivals or any sort of competition, ten minutes is usually the time cutoff. Working with Cameo and Connie Jo to figure out what was feasible in such a short amount of time was draining as much as it was enlightening. I had found that showing such intelligent people my script and letting them tell me what could be chang

Week One

After a series of flight setbacks, and a delayed arrival of six hours, I arrived in San Francisco for my first experience on the West Coast. Flying from New York was disorienting, especially since I knew I would be starting my internship with Charming Stranger Films just about twelve hours from the time I arrived. The lack of rest due to excitement and nerves threw me directly into my first week at Charming Stranger. One of the first things I noticed about working for Cameo Wood and Connie Jo Sechrist was how nicely they treated my fellow intern and I. In New York, I always felt discouraged as a subordinate, that there was no room for growth, but from the very first day, I was enthralled to

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