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Spending the beginning hours of Valentines day in an office editing this video. These little blog videos are worth it for me, though.

Probably wouldn't have it any other way.

This is what it takes to make a film, huh? I feel like I lost a bit of myself, but in a way, I gained a bit of something too. I'm already excited to start on something new, because as abruptly as this internship ends, I am thrown back into the life I had before.

Life goes on. Things don't stop. It's hard for me not to get nostalgic.

I barely had time to watch any movies or read anything. My mind was filled with film though. Yes, I ate, slept, breathed film. Did I sleep? AHAHAHA.

Anyway. This internship was intense and grueling, but above all else, completely inspiring. I was pushed forward alongside amazingly talented and disciplined interns and Cameos and Connies, to complete the work. I wanted to keep up and I wanted to do good, because I listened to the tiny voice inside me that knew I could. #barz

It's true though. In the middle of the internship, I was able to re-wire my brain to think of ways to learn more rather than take things personally. I feel prepared to do more and tackle on another film project. Or at the very least, I want to test myself and strike while the iron is hot. Are you picking up what I'm putting down.


A Hidden Life


Uncut Gems

Color Out of Space

Sweet Smell of Succes

Chungkind Express

Queen and Slim

Little Women

Lady Bird

Titicut Follies

Visions of Light

Salaam Bombay!

Eyes Wide Shut

Phantom Thread

La Jetee

The Namesake

Vanity Fair

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Monsoon Wedding

The Conversation

Harold and Maude



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