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Week 3: Only week 3?

Sweet Smell of Success by Clifford Odets, Ernest Lehman

How I imagine it:

- A tracking wide shot of the truck passing along all the others and revealing the clock. Newspapers shooting out of their spiral chutes. Men ready to receive them.

- The truck is framed bigger than all the other cars in Times Square.

- Entrance of truck framing SIDNEY FALCO

- Nautural lighting, high contrast when applicable

- WIDE tracking shot going back to the far back counter. Darkest on its top and bottom frame. Close up, still tracking, picking up dialogue.

- Low angle. Framed by the light above. Dark.

- Med Wide of Sidney running around the office as Sally informs him of new messages. Tracking around the room. Cool blocking.

- Robard talks into the phone threateningly. Dark around him, dimly lit.

- Wide Sidney and Sally.

- Sharp camera movements to each musician.

- Le' Samourai

- Shooting from behind the bar.

- If this was in color, it'd be a classy color palette of deep tones/ shades.

- Intimate med-closeups of Steve and Susan. Over the shoulders, where Susan's white mink coat is hELLA white.

** reading the script lets me in on things I may have missed visually. A lot of adjectives galore.

How it was done:

- Sidney dresse from behind the door. Many blocks of separation between the two.

- Camera is fluid

- The area is smaller than I expected. Her coat is brown!

- Beautiful camera blocking. It reveals so much about the character relationship or scene.

- Contrasty as it should be. Beautifully lit

- Use of shadows to emphasize dark thoughts and themes

- Single shots that put an exclamation point on dialogue

- Shady business that goes on at night, the truth comes out to play during the day.

- Sidney speaks over J.J's shoulder like an imp

The most important thing I got from Mira Nair's masterclass this week was learning how to create a good level of communication and relationship with your videographer. Through it all, I love the picture. It will be hard for me to release that kind of control to another person to execute my vision, but I understand the importance of it and how it can really help to stremline these things.

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