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Week Six

In week six, I continued with the post production work of my film. Julie and I proceeded making editing tweaks, inching us towards the final cut. Julie was so efficient with the editing process and considerate of all of my thoughts and wishes that I communicated. I could not be more thankful that she is apart of this project.

Week six also had the whole scooby gang come together to solve the last mysteries of Coven Film Festival’s planning and logistics. Even if at times it felt like a frenzy, it was great having the team together and helping each other out. At that moment and after six weeks of helping plan and coordinate Coven, I could not believe that it was that Saturday!

When the weekend arrived, we kicked off the Coven festivities with the Networking Party held at Hotel Kabuki. This night was incredible as I was able to meet and talk to many of the directors / actors / creators of the short films I had fallen in love with. Not only this, but I was able to show my short film to some of the filmmakers and receive feedback. As I had already seen their expertise in action, I was truly on cloud nine to have gotten this opportunity. Their feedback was immensely helpful and gave me so many new ideas in how to adjust my film for its final cut.

The next day, I arrived bright and early at New People for Coven Film Festival. From my arrival and on, the day flew by. I was so proud of all the hard work the Coven Team had completed as there were no hiccups or issues throughout the festival. As well, from the filmmakers to the film lovers who attended, we heard so much praise about the event. I was so happy everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did. For me, one of the most memorable parts of the day was the strong positive energy. Everyone who attended and or had their film shown contributed to this feeling of support and love that blew me away throughout the festival.

To end the day with a bang, we hosted the Awards Ceremony and Party. Yet again, this was a treat to be in attendance of. As I was able to talk to more of the attending exceptional filmmakers, I felt more and more inspired for my future film work. In the end, Coven Film Festival was a success and all of the team’s hard work paid off.

The next week will be filled with new adventures and

wrapping up my short film and masterclass! I feel sad to be leaving San Francisco and working at Charming Stranger but excited to take all that I have learned from this internship with me and into my future work.

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