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Week Two

Week Two of this internship was incredibly eye opening. Cameo had told me that I should take the opportunity to make my first professional short film. Using a very rough version of a script that has been sitting in my back pocket for years, I spent the time to reformat it and revise it to become a ten page short film. Cameo informed me that if I ever wanted to submit it for festivals or any sort of competition, ten minutes is usually the time cutoff. Working with Cameo and Connie Jo to figure out what was feasible in such a short amount of time was draining as much as it was enlightening. I had found that showing such intelligent people my script and letting them tell me what could be changed really strengthened the script. In summary, Celia, the film, is about a young girl who befriends a dead body in order to cope with a tragic loss she suffered. I was told that we should make the dead body unknown to the audience until the last scene which greatly strengthened the emotional catharsis of the story as well as gave us the chance to center the story around Celia more than the novelty of a dead person on screen. We also adapted the locations in order to better serve a short and succinct shooting schedule. By having such a short time frame we had to make it as easy to shoot in as little time as possible. This really benefited me as I was able to cut to the bone and understand what content was really important to the furthering of the story. The other main task we had was to begin editing the voiceovers we had recording the previous Friday. This was enlightening because by listening to the recordings over and over again I was able to understand what directions I should have given that I didn't, what directions worked, and what wasn't beneficial at all. Below is a video that I took because San Francisco really IS the City of Fog.

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