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WEEK 6: can i stay?

Hi, This is tamar & it is 23:02 on a Thursday February something, after much thought I decided I can't leave. there's so much unfinished business!!!! I don't want to haunt SF or most likely have SF haunt me!!! I HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED THE HOT GAY COOKIES FROM CASTRO STREET! this is definitely heavy emo hours for me. this internship has taught me so much! Working with Cameo and Connie Jo, I learnt so much about the entertainment industry. It made me realize that filmmakers' work never really ends. It's a constant hustle!!! I thrived in the thrill of it all and it made me realize that I love doing this. I want to keep making films. <33333 I CAN NOT BELIEVE, I'm done with the file. I've never felt this much fulfillment and gratitude from anything else in my life before (except for telling my little sister Santa wasn't real. that was pretty fulfilling. nothing will ever compare). To quite my yet to become an infamous Facebook post: none of this would've been possible without Charming Stranger Films thank you for giving me this wacko but AMAZING internship ❤ thank you for mentoring and guiding me along the way and always pushing me to work hard and have ambition ❤ brace thyselves, cuz this is bout to get cheesy af! thank you for helping me believe in myself more!. i love you guys! I loved the process and you are ALL fired for making me feel this emotional for leaving SF :'(((((((((( I'm really really going to miss all of this!!! thank you to everyone who made these 7 weeks unforgettable. my fellow interns: Kiana, Sharissa, Irene,- I've never experienced this many collective mental breakdowns before. to sum it up tik, tok, tik, tok MIZ VIKTORIA, stay a real slav GINA *insert Kiana zoom*. And on that rather intellectual note, i'm signing out! to all the 3 people reading my blog, it's been a blast!!! Tamar, 23:22 just kidding, here's a final video for y'all and the list of books I read and movies I watched:



directing actors

in the blink of an eye

Salaam Bombay!

the filmmaker's eye

the complete guide to film scoring



The Disaster Artist

Be Kind Rewing

Monsoon Wedding

Salaam Bombay!

The Conversation

Fifth Element


La Jetee


Groundhog Day


Uncut Gems

I am the pretty thing that lives in the house

The Two Popes

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