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Week 4: Understanding how to Direct

Me data dumping right after set:

I seem super detached, but the real stuff takes a bit to settle in.

After more reflection from set:

It's really sinking in to me what it means to direct. I had trouble delegating things to the people at my disposal. I'm very much used to doing things on my own, but on set, if I'm the one doing everything, it wastes a lot of time. It takes a level of trust in your teammates to be able to put your full focus on what you have to do. This is what it means to collaborate. This is what it means to direct. If that means letting go of your own vision of what you expected it to be, that's the point (to an extent). Filmmaking is a team effort. Mira Nair touched briefly on this, but it's a whole other thing to actually experience it. I'm glad I got the opportunity.

This makes me so excited for the possibilities of my next project. How many great minds can come together to make an awesome piece? My mind is running with ideas.

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