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Week 4: Life is a Sitcom

This past week was a really intense work week. We finalized our cast, finished all of our pre production materials and now we're ready to shoot!

In the middle of our hectic pre production week, we were all on the hunt for last minute props. Irene and I in particular went to a prop shop in Brisbane, CA to look for items, later to find out that we weren't able to look at the props without an appointment. So, instead of wasting a trip (that was provided by this weeks sponsor, Cameo Wood) we decided to explore a little. Let go of some stress before head back to the office.

I was joking with Irene saying that we were literally acting like we were straight out of a sitcom in the streets of Brisbane. So I decided to create a sitcom for our new series "Buddies in Brisbane". If any major networks or streaming platforms want to pick us up, let me know ;)!

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