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Week 2 Listen&Look

In the efforts to be present:

Watching Mira Nair direct was exciting. I enjoy her direction. She knows what she wants and she's consice in expressing it. I felt excited for when it comes time to direct my own work. How will I explain what I want to convey so that my actors will understand? It makes me question if I am empathetic enough; straightforward enough; observant enough; and not just for film, but generally as well. I tried to be present and observant this week. Mira Nair stressed observation in her masterclass and this helps making actors feel comfortable, which will make communication with them even better.

At the Coven film festival, I learned a lot about what happens after you finish your film. It was bleak to find that I may never get return on some of the films I make. I'm hoping my love to create films will make me think less of that and more of sharing stories. Besides, I hunger to watch more movies and learn about what it takes to make a great story and film. I want to make good art. I want to be proud of my work.

All in all, I'm tired, but happy.

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