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WEEK 2: gesture14

hi, this it tamar and tis 8:26pm on a Tuesday

I made another video that encapsulates the past week in SF a little bit. It doesn't mention how much I <3-ed Coven Film Fest, so I'll say it here. I loved it, Thank you Cameo, Connie, Faridah, Taylor, Matt and everybody else who made fri-sunday so special!

Today I got to see Uncut Gems for free at the Alamo!!! #cameosponsorsmylife I loved the movie, it kept me on edge the entire time! usually I like a slower-pace movie that builds up, but recently, watching Bombshell and Uncut Gems has really changed my perspective on my taste in film. Also I'd never heard of Safdie Brothers, this was amazing! thank you Cameo.

Due to the scary schedule, I only managed to make one storyclock, for Gus Van Sant's Milk. *insert sad face emoji*.



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