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WEEK 1: the pier project

Hi, this is tamar and it's 16:13 on a Monday. <3

For Week 1, Instead of writing a blog post, I did some Cinema Verite work and made a short video essay about my experience. I made the video in a day, so don't be too harsh. I couldn't decide on the name. it's either 'PIER' all caps or 'the pier project' no caps. I guess time will show :)))

Some of the narration in the video refers to questions and exercises Mira Nair poses in her Masterclass.


I realized, I prefer making shorts such as this over a narration, because I always have a hard time working with actors and communicating my intentions. So far I've been lucky to work with a very talented bunch, but I know the end results weren't good because of me. They were good because my friends are good actors and they understand my language. But I lack in understanding of how to direct actors :(((. My direction is always either too open ended or much too restricting to follow. Thus, I'm currently reading/studying the book called Directing Actors by Judith Weston. I hope the book helps.

Together with books, we've been doing some watching as well. A part of the internship is to make storyclocks to help us understand the structure of any movie. I will include 2 that I've made so far for Be Kind Rewind and La Jetee.

this is tamar, & I'm signing out @13:26 on a Tuesday


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