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Week Seven

My last week in San Francisco went by rapidly. For the first three days of the week the Charming Stranger team was on the set of Cameo’s short film, Nice. The set was incredible as the production location, The Producer’s Loft, had so many different spaces and props to be used. I was so happy to be able to contribute to the project as Elisha and I were awarded with the job of production assistants. I learned so much about how to handle the equipment used on set and how to realistically set up the physical spaces that needed to be replicated.

I am so grateful that within this internship, along with many other experiences, I was able to be a production assistant for two different short films. Looking back to the King Dream music video, it seems so long ago, but on the other hand I feel that I was able to bring what I learned from that day to Nice’s shoot.

It was really special to help out and to be able to see the behind the scenes of Nice, especially considering it included many stunts and special effects. After seeing a close to complete edit of the film just a day later, it had me amazed with how real the stunts looked when I had been there and seen the reality. As well, I was so pleased to see how great everything else had come out.

After the production of Nice ended, it was time to finish the last needed modifications to reach my final cut of Enclasp. I could not believe how close it was to being done after I had watched it grow and sprout from just a seed sized idea. Not only this, but I could not believe how immense the amount of knowledge I learned was from this short, six minute film. Throughout the journey of writing and completing the script, directing and finally, helping in the post production, I could not believe how much I learned about my goals in filmmaking and how to improve my communication and collaboration skills. Everything about the process of making Enclasp was new but now, I feel more intrigued to experiment with the mysteries, perfect the known and create, create, create.

During my seventh week, the team also figured out what was to be done for Coven Film Festival's follow up work. As we talked about what went well and where to improve, I still could not believe that we have done that. This team brought together incredible filmmakers to show and discuss their films, an audience to watch them and a space to support women in filmmaking / the film industry. I cannot wait to see how Coven Film Festival continues to grow in the future and I am feel so lucky to have been apart of the first one. I hope to create a space and attend more spaces such as this in my life.

On the Thursday of this last week, I finally finished my Master Class. I remember before I got here I was a little curious as to why taking a Master Class was included, but as I checked off my final Master Class assignment, I realized how important this was to the internship. So much of what I learned from the Master Class had to do with what I was working on for Charming Stranger whether the timing synched up or not. Either way, I would highly recommend to take the Werner Herzog class, you will see how film can change the word and how film will change you.

Although, I am feeling quite blue that I am leaving my internship at Charming Stranger, I am truly so thankful for all that was given and taught to me these past seven weeks. Between Enclasp, Coven Film Festival, my Master Class, Dinner with Dames, being a PA twice and so on I have never been introduced to so many opportunities, completed so many undertakings and learned so much in such a short amount of time. Sincerely, each venture benefited me more than I could ever explain and I have truly never had a mentor be so focused on my process, growth and work as Cameo and Connie Jo were. The support that they offered me these past seven weeks was irreplaceably impactful and I wish I could do it all again. Anyone who interns with either of these talented women is sure thrive.

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