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Week Six

After six weeks of long days and careful planning, the day had finally come, Coven Film Festival. The week was super busy as the whole team was working tirelessly and all our focus was on getting the last details of Coven together.

Friday was a full day of setting up and getting ready for all the incredible filmmakers and guests to arrive. We made swag bags, badges, and hung up posters for the event. As night approached, we got ready for the networking party at Hotel Kabuki.

The first event of Coven, the networking party, was absolutely amazing! After being so involved in the process and watching all the films so many times, it was crazy to actually meet all the filmmakers in person. When the first group of filmmakers entered the lounge, I was honestly in shock to be in the presence of such amazing women. At the party, I was able to talk to so many of the filmmakers and people from the industry which was incredibly inspiring.

The next day, I was up bright and early for the full day fest. By 10am there was a line at the door of dedicated viewers ready and eager to watch all the films. I was so excited, but my belly was also filled with nerves as I hoped all our hard work would pay off. Well, as each block passed in a blur, it was clear that the fest was running without a hitch and everyone was having such a great time. Sylvia and I even had the opportunity to introduce of of the blocks and lead a short Q&A with the filmmakers. The entire festival passed so quickly and by the time I knew it, it was time for the awards party.

The awards party was one of my favorite parts of the festival, as everyone got so dressed up and we all celebrated the amazing films and filmmakers of the festival. It was wonderful and inspiring to see these talented women getting recognized for their accomplishments and to be a part of the community that was helping to uplift them in the industry. Overall, I had such an amazing time at Coven and I truly hope it continues to be put on because it was such an empowering event.

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