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Week Five

In week five, I saw Werner Herzog’s face more than anyone else’s. I say this meaning week five was largely about my Master Class. As I watched Herzog in the medium of video lessons and completing the attached assignment for each, I felt so grateful for being able to take this online course. Herzog is nothing less than an expert on the strategies, requirements and creative process of filmmaking as he has experienced great wonders, luck, success and tragedies himself throughout his long, ongoing career. In fact, the more I learn about him the more I am sure he is gloriously mad and one of the most interesting and experienced people to exist. If I could have dinner with someone dead or alive and pick their brain, it would be him.

Another part of the week was surrounded by the last preparations for Coven Film Festival. During the week, Elisha and I did some other tasks here and there but the my favorite was the DCP test at New People. Although this made the day much longer, the work was so educational for me as a filmmaker and I was so thankful to have gotten to attend. In fact, knowing the workings that come with being a projectionist is something that I find film student are not taught and could greatly benefit from. Although, the creative side of filmmaking is something that needs to be developed and focused on, so does the technical. As I continue this internship, I realize how you must be able to be depend on yourself for every part of making a film and also how much of the technical side I have learned since first arriving.

The final part of the week was continuing our post production work for our short films. This is something that I cannot wait to get more ahead in and to see the final project. One of the larger breakthroughs in getting there was when Elisha and I met with Disher Sound for sound production help. As we were there, we met to go over what are films were each about, the length of them and what sounds we were hoping to achieve in the short films. We were as well shown some of the work they had been involved with in the past as well as what they were currently working. It was really incredible to see that, especially when I had watched what they had or were continuing to work on as a completed project rather than seeing it in the making.

I find myself bittersweet as my last two weeks in this city and working at Charming Stranger Films are here, but incredibly indebted for the knowledge I have obtained and the experiences I was given. As Nicki Minaj raps, I wish that I could have this moment for life!

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