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Week Five

Week five has been absolutely flying by (as most weeks here do), which is bittersweet and slightly stressful as I think about all I have left to accomplish. This week, I spent a lot of time focusing on my Masterclass taught by Martin Scorsese, it has been wonderfully educational as most of the lessons match up with the timeline of my film. During the post production part of making my film, the lessons on color, sound effects, and music have been especially helpful. Along with following the classes, I also recently read the book If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die which explains the meaning of colors in films and explores these different uses in many well-known movies. After watching the lesson and reading this book, I have a much stronger sense of the role that color plays in film and I already have so many idea on how to better incorporate color in the future.

While have been waiting to see the first cut of my film, I have been preparing in other ways as well. This week Sylvia and I met with a sound specialist to help solidify the sound effects and music we want to use in our films. The meeting was really useful and I'm excited to begin adding all these little details that will make my film come to life. I am particularly excited to see how music will affect the tone of my film. I think that music plays a big part in film as it helps guide the audience's interpretation of the story.

In addition to all this prep for my film, we have also been very focused on Coven which is happening next week! I am very excited as this will be the first film festival I'm attending and I'm even more excited to see all the team's hard work finally come together. This week, we got to go to the NEW PEOPLE Cinema theater, where the fest is being held, to do an initial screening of the films which was awesome. The theater is so beautiful and it's a perfect fit for the festival. I can't wait to go and meet other women filmmakers, some of whom's films have been truly inspiring.

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