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Week Four

After completing our short films the week before, it was now the time for the post-production work. I could not believe we were already at this stage with our short films. During the same weekend we had wrapped filming, Elisha and I visited Julie Hwang, a post production specialist, who kindly offered to edit our films. While meeting with Julie, she was so communicative and insightful when explaining the editing programs and how to use them. As we left Julie with one of our drives, I could not be more trusting of my work in her hands.

Handing off my film to be edited by someone else was a completely new experience, as was directing with a crew. I had always edited my own videos and at that moment, it almost felt like I was leaving a baby that I had started to raise. Regardless of that feeling, what I find so amazing is the trust of our communication to have the vision completed. Comprehensive communication is a requirement for all involved in film to be able to understand each other’s ideas and goals.

After Julie sent us the synced sound and video within a couple of days, I chose my favorite takes. Being able to watch all that we had completed during my day of filming was incredible. I find contrasting the manipulation of a space filmed versus the actuality of it to be quite marvelous. I cannot wait until the first edit is completed as I know Julie will do an impeccable job. In the meanwhile, I continue to contemplate music and sound affects I hope to include in my film.

The other part of the week was further preparing for Coven Film Festival. As the date crawls closer, there is still a whirlwind of tasks to accomplish beforehand. One task Elisha and I completed this week was hanging up posters and handing out flyers around the city. Whenever I am somewhere new, I never miss an opportunity to walk around. As we were visiting the locations where we were to hang up posters and hand out flyers, I found myself adoring a new part of the city each spot.

One of the locations I got to visit this week was the beautiful SF MOMA. Included in this post are some of my favorite pieces including Gerhard Richter's 1992 Abstraktes Bild and Louise Bourgeois's Spiders along with other a couple of other works found there.

As the next week continues I find myself in a time crunch to finish all my work, but I as well feel incredibly motivated to make the last few weeks I have here count and challenge me.

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