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Week Four

As week four began, the realization that shooting was over settled in and I had to start thinking about everything else I needed in order to complete my film. This, combined with detailed preparation we were doing for Coven Film Fest, led to a very busy week.

The beginning of the week was focused on working with Julie Hwang, an editor who graciously offered to help in the editing process. When Sylvia and I met with her, she walked us through the process and taught us so much about editing software and how to prepare our footage. From there, she began working on the edits, while I started thinking of sound effects and music that would fit into my film. I knew that sound is a very important and influential part of any film, but I had a really hard time thinking about what would fit well into my own film. As I went through each part of my footage, I settled on some sound effects, but I'm still brainstorming music.

Coven Film Fest is getting closer and closer, and that means that each day must be focused in on the final scheduling details and promoting the fest. On Wednesday, Sylvia and I went around San Francisco, visiting local colleges and music stores that allowed us to put up posters for the fest. We had such a great time and were able to talk to people who seemed really interest in filmmaking and introduced them to the event.

Over the weekend, Sylvia and I also found the time to visit the MoMA, which was so amazing! My favorite exhibition was "Art and China After 1989" because it combined sculpture, video, and photography in a very unique way. It also featured many different artists, however I felt that all the pieces reflected each other very well. I learned about the artist Zhang Huan, who is a sculptor and performance artist, and many of his performances were displayed in video form at the museum. I found his work to be extremely expressive and moving, which was very inspiring as a filmmaker myself. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to visit the MoMA and draw inspiration from other artists.

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