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Week Three

This week was by far the most overwhelming - It finally hit me exactly how far away from home I was, and how very much I had to accomplish. I find that I work well under stress, but for some reason this week really got to me. There was a lot of work to be done, and not exactly enough of my mental capacity was working. However, after a real kick in the ass from Cameo, I found that I was back on track and ready to do my best. The previously mentioned voiceovers were not as up to par as they should have been and I spent the last day of this week fixing them with Matt. I was upset that I hadn't done what was expected of me, but after being told I could do better, I freaking did. With the voiceovers done and done, it was back to Celia.

This week was all about getting in contact. Working with Connie Jo, we sent out character breakdowns and sides to SF casting in order to find our cast. I learned how to operate SF casting and also how to create understandable character breakdowns for people I don't get the chance to meet in person before I see them audition. It was very helpful to see how these casting sites work, in case I need them in the future, and also seeing the headshots and the actor reels helped me materialize just what I wanted these people to look and act like. On paper, they seemed completely different than the people that ended up getting the parts. After watching auditions we settled on our core five actors and were ready to move on. Operating I materialized a contact list (with cast and crew), a shot list, storyboard, scene breakdown, everything the site has to offer. It was very helpful to see it all laid out in front of me, as sometimes I get caught up in every little piece, having it all in one place really helped me organize my thoughts. The week ended with some location scouting for Celia, my favorite part of the week. After a two hour trip to Hayward from West Portal, I ended up at Garin Regional Park by the suggestion of Connie Jo. This was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I spent a couple hours admiring the way that this expansive, hilly oasis seemed like a veritable Eden, and yet when you turned around, you could see the tic tac houses spanning for miles. The greenery made it incredibly possible to see just how hilly San Francisco is.

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