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Week Three

This week, I worked on scripts, Podcast edits, continued masterclasses, and received a new task to work on social media posts for the promotion for the release of “Real Artists”. I don’t do much sound editing normally, but I got to learn how to use Garage Band which is pretty simple to use after looking up how to do things and a bit of trial and error. I am also taking a Masterclass with Shonda Rhimes. I am learning so much in the class that I never knew about the process of Writing TV. This week, we went over character development, the importance of research, and pitching. After having reviewed these lessons, I have started writing a bible for the show I am writing. Having been trained to write short stories, television has proven to be a challenge. One of the things Shonda suggested was to make sure the story can go on forever. If it doesn’t, it’s not a TV idea. I’m looking forward to finding out what else I can learn through this internship as well as continuing to see what my story becomes and what Shonda can teach me.

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