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Week Six

This week was mainly finalizing Celia. I was working with Julie Hwang on the rough cuts in order to get a picture lock. It was and still is incredibly difficult to find a colorist and sound designer who can do the film either for or incredibly cheap. This week wasn't so much an overload of work as it was a personal hurdle. I have spoken about this before but the stress of rewatching your own work very much got to me this week. I started to notice not only things wrong with the cut, but the things I should have done better on the days of shooting and my own unfixable mistakes. It was frustrating but it was something that I had to combat, because often that is what makes me abandon projects; their lack of perfection. It's never going to be perfect and that is one of the hardest things for me. This has definitely been a hill to climb in that respect. This film has to be shown - and I can't go back to the set, so I have to accept what it is. On the Charming Stranger end, it was lots of social media, something very interesting to see happen. I have been seeing the social media plan form since my first day here and it's wonderful to see it come to fruition. Seeing how much goes into operating such an elaborate online media plan was enlightening and made me realize how difficult it really is. There are so many moving parts and seeing it unfurl helped me learn a lot about promotion and how every little thing counts. I also continued on with the Werner Herzog Masterclass. I have been doing this weekly and am finishing up the course in this upcoming week. This course has truly changed the way I look at feature length filmmaking. Herzog thinks about film the way many students do - how to keep it cheap, how much of the work can I take on, what is achievable in as little time as possible? He understands the financial burden of filmmaking. I also love hearing how he feels that you have your ideas for a reason - write them down, do something with them. I always feel that no idea is good enough, and hearing Herzog tell me they are worthy of art is a wonderful thing. Above is the trailer for Celia. Coming soon.

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