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Week Seven

This week, I turned in the first draft of my script on Monday and revised it. I also had a chance to revisit and re-write my show bible. I finished the masterclass lessons as well and Shonda had some very helpful things to say about editing, how a writer’s room works, and TV production in general. This internship has overall been a great experience for me. It was fun and exciting that I was able to work on a personal project in addition to the work done for the company. I had a lot of fun writing my script and learning about the process of making a TV pilot and although I had a little bit of trouble developing the story, I was able to figure it out in the end and am happy with the result. Writing this for my personal project was inspiring in a way that I was reminded of why I liked writing so much. Now that I know how to write a TV pilot, I plan on writing more of them.

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