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Week Seven

Tomorrow I take a flight into Albany and go back to Bennington College. I have spent the last seven weeks in San Francisco working what is essentially the dream job. In this final week so much happened - I edited the sound for "Celia" with Disher Music and sent out the final cut to a colorist who will continue editing as I am at school. "Celia" is in it's final stages and I can't believe it actually happened. I made a film in just about five and a half weeks with the help of two incredible women, Cameo and Connie. I spent hours and hours watching "Celia" grow into something presentable, and for my first film, I'm pretty damn proud of it. This week was also spent doing script revision for Charming Strangers upcoming film "The Atavist," something I can't wait to see. I wish I could stay on at Charming Stranger, but unfortunately I will only be able to be apart of the preproduction and not production. This company has done so much for me, so much more than I ever imagined was possible. Not only have I learned so much about filmmaking but I've learned a lot about myself and especially about myself as a worker. The pushes that Cameo gave me along the way taught me so much about myself and just what I'm capable of. Working hard doing what you love, as cliche as it is, isn't work at all. This opportunity was going to be a make it or break it and I know for a fact it made it. There is nothing I would change, not even the hard parts and I'm so lucky that I was able to do this. I will miss San Francisco and Charming Stranger immensely and I know once I go back to school, I understand now so much more about budgeting my time, and working on my own projects in my own time. I feel that I can make better use of my resources and my skills when I'm at school and take advantage of all that's there. Goodbye San Francisco! Goodbye Field Work Term! Goodbye to Charming Stranger, and Cameo, Connie, and everyone else who made this as wonderful as it was.

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