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Week Four

This week, I had the opportunity to work hard on my Show bible. On Monday this week, we reviewed my bible and looked closely at the characters. As I was reading their descriptions out loud, I realized that we did not know anything about them and they were described through their relation to the main character rather than as individuals. I essentially had to start from the beginning for each character. I have, since Monday, been doing a lot of research regarding the time period my story is based in. I also have been doing a ton of research based on the powers I gave my characters because it is important that I talk more about how those work. I took some time to look at each character separately to see what they’re like as individuals and took notes so I can write a more informative and detailed description of them. I am continuing the character development process by looking at character sheets this weekend and filling them out so I can get more of an Idea of who they are as people. A lot of changes have been made this week and there will be more to come. I’m excited to see what this becomes and what other changes my characters will go through during their developmental stages.

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