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Week Five

This week was purely post production for Celia. Originally, when shooting, the plan was that I would be doing all of the editing myself. This was a daunting task as I had never edited visuals that had no audio attached; syncing audio from no reference, and was very nervous about that. After trying to make proxies of the 4K footage from the RED camera, Cameo and I discovered this was nearly impossible with how little RAM my computer had. It was practically shutting down anytime I tried to open Adobe Premiere. Cameo was kind enough to get in contact with a friend of hers from Skywalker Studios, Julie Hwang, who had enough free time to edit the piece. I had never worked on my own piece with another editor, and it was interesting to learn how to relate my ideas to her - since I wasn't doing it myself. I had to relay the tone I was trying to bring out of the piece, so that she knew how it was supposed to come together. That has always been difficult for me and it was nice to work with someone so understanding to help develop that skill.

I am still currently trying to get in contact with a color editor and Jim LeBrecht, a sound designer, to fully round out the piece, so emails were sent to them last week. This weekend was purely Julie and I going over the piece and trying to make the two most difficult scenes, Scene 2 and the final scene, which took up most of our time. It was nice to see just how much of the story you can tell with so little footage, because in the final scene we had to cut out a lot of the takes. Seeing the piece gradually come together and become a full piece is overwhelming in the most wonderful way. Celia is a bit of a child to me, and I never imagined that it would come to fruition, so this week has been incredibly cathartic. I cannot wait for this week ahead to get a picture lock and see just what the final product will be.

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