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Week Five

This week, I gave my pitch. This is the first time I have pitched a TV show, and I was a little nervous. Nonetheless, I got through it and received a lot of helpful feedback that will help me keep the process of writing my show going. I have also drafted out the pilot episode of my series and I will be ready to outline this weekend and write my first draft next week. The Atavist also has a second draft, so I did some coverage on that. I’m having a little bit of trouble developing my characters or at least describing them in a way that shows who they are rather than telling who they are. Therefore, I had to dive a little deeper in developing my characters this week so I can be ready to write about them in a way that is a lot more specific. I also wrote rules of dialogue for my main character, Alessa, as an exercise Shonda recommended for imagining your character off paper as a person. This week has been extremely busy but I have and am continuing to learn a lot.

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