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Freaks is in the can!

Really happy to conclude, I was successfully able to shoot my first narrative short that I wrote and directed yesterday on a sunny Saturday in San Fran. And I wouldn't have been able to do this without the support of all the people I met here. Shout out to Cameo Wood my fwt supervisor and mentor who empowered me to make it happen and the lovely Cinefemme for all the help and support. To Funmi Lola and Jamie who were so sensational on screen I felt a surge of emotions watching them and had Matt Hoover, our amazing amazing fucking amazing DP turn to me and mouth 'holyshit' and to Simon, our Sassy Sound Guy who did an absolutely wonderful job getting sound over all the traffic. Now gonna spend some time in post editing this lovely lovely piece of collaborated work. <3 (also shout to my fam and friends for supporting me virtually as I ended in a strange stress work paralysis this week trying to make it all happen, ESP. My brother Aanish Raees <3 and my mom and dad who have lost track of my shenanigans but are still like thumbs up don't forget to eat and yes we will pray for you. Also Minahil Ghafoor for being glorious and Furqan Asaf for finding time from his midterms to shower me with support <3)

Freaks is a short film that is a dialogue around urban living and mental illness written and directed by yours truly- can't wait for you all to watch it!!

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