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In the near future, a young animator is offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern 'creative' process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

12 Minutes | Shot on Kodak 35mm Panavision Millennium XL | On Location in Oakland, CA

Sophia scores an interview at her dream job; the world famous animation studio, Semaphore.  The chief creative officer and legendary designer, Anna Palladon, is interviewing her for the final interview.  It comes to light that Sophia had fan-edited Semaphore's blockbuster hit, Mythos, and had distributed it online to rave reviews. Initially Sophia is crushed and thinks that her chances to be hired are now ruined, until Palladon reveals that this was the sole reason Sophia was given the interview.  After signing a draconian NDA, Sophia is shown into the creative heart of Semaphore Films, and the dark truth of the future of animation is revealed. 

Tamlyn Tomita
Tiffany Hines

Cameo Wood

Cameo Wood
Ryon Lane
Allen Wilson
Ashley Niblock
Alexa Fraser-Herron

2017 - FilmQuest Winner - Sci-Fi Short.png


Northern California Area EMMY Awards 2019
Arts/Entertainment - Program/Special

AT&T Film Awards 2018
Best Short Film - Emerging Filmmaker

HollyShorts Film Festival 2017
Best Visual Effects

Phoenix Film Festival 2017
Best Sci-Fi Short

Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival 2017
Audience Choice Award

Austin Revolution Film Festival 2017
Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy Short
The 'Tobe' Award / Best Genre Filmmaker

Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2017
Short Film Award

FantaSci Film Fest 2017
Best Drama
Best Graphics
Best Actress / Tamlyn Tomita

FilmQuest 2017
Best Sci-Fi Short Film

Gen Con Film Festival 2017
Best Short Film

Honolulu Film Awards, US 2017
Best Short Film

Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles 2017
Best Director
Best Scifi

Out of The Can Film Festival 2017
Best Sci-Fi

Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival 2017
Best Film
Best Writing

Skyline Indie Film Fest 2017
Best Short
Audience Award

Tallgrass International Film Festival 2017
Outstanding Narrative Short Film

United International Film Festival 2017
Best Jury Film

Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival 2018
Best Supporting Actress, Short / Tamlyn Tomita

South Texas Underground Film Festival 2018
Best Film

Origins Film Festival 2018
Best Short Film

Worldwide Women's Film Festival 2018
Best Sci-Fi


We’re very proud to say that Real Artists has played
in over 150 festivals around the world.

Cannes Court Métrage
Intl. Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema
Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
Cinequest Film Festival
Manchester Film Festival
Equinox Women's Film Festival


We made this film with the support of a couple of hundred supporters on Seed&Spark. This collection of behind-the-scenes updates was launched privately first, for those supporters to be included in the filmmaking process. Now, we open them up to everyone who is interested in how we made this short film. Enjoy!


Gallery of behind the scenes photos


Here are all the Making of videos. Beward, here be spoilers!
We strongly recommend not watching these if you haven't watched the movie.
So go watch it now, and come back. We'll wait.

We break down each scene, with a bonus blooper reel. 

Discussions on characters, artificial intelligence, drones, and diversity.

The shooting script, shot lists, storyboards, and an early animatic.

The animation studio in the film where Sophia interviews with Palladon.

A citizen web-crusader exposing Semaphore Animation Studios for who they really are.

Visit the website for more cool stuff about the film.

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