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A short action scene based on a generic script made n fulfillment of the Sundance Co//ab Fiction Directing Online Course: Core Elements - January 2019

Advisor: Peter Sollett

Directed by Cameo Wood. Shot on Red Dragon by cinematographer Andria Chamberlain.  

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Real Artists

A short science fiction film starring Tamlyn Tomita and Tiffany Hines, based on the short story by Ken Liu. Directed by Cameo Wood. Shot on 35mm Kodak film with a Panavision Millennium XL by cinematographer Kimberly Culotta.  


A young girl deals with her grief with the help of a new friend. A new short film by Charming Stranger Intern and 2018 Bennington College Field Work Term (FWT) student and first time director Clare Maceda.  


A short documentary featuring a day in the life of the Dukha people of Northern Mongolia. Shot entirely by Cameo Wood on an iPhone 5.  


Alternative Guide to Secret Beijing

23 Episodes/2-5 minutes each | Shot on Sony DSLR | On Location in Shanghai and Beijing China

Client: Biorequiem, Shien Lee, Frei Group, Charming Stranger Films

Completed: Spring 2013


Over the course of a month, we travelled around the environs of Beijing to interview fringe artists and artistic rebels doing what they love and disrupting our understanding of the Chinese art scene. As a producer, boom operator, sound mixer, camera operator, and co-director with Daniel Frei, I worked to create a high energy feel from a one camera shoot and multiple eyeliner that directly engages the audience.