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A 911 call thrusts Elliot into a scene of violence and destruction and they find themselves making the ultimate sacrifice.

Directed by: Cameo Wood

Produced by: Connie Jo Sechrist Cinematographer: Carrie Morgan


Real Artists

Northern California Emmy Winner filmabout a young animator in the near future that got offered what should be her dream job, but, when she discovers the truth of the modern 'creative' process, she must make a hard choice about her passion for film.

Starring Tamlyn Tomita and Tiffany Hines, based on the short story by Ken Liu. Directed by Cameo Wood. Shot on 35mm Kodak film with a Panavision MillenniumXL by cinematographer 
Kimberly Culotta.


A blind assassin confronts an adversarial representative of the competition. 

A short action scene based on a generic script made n fulfillment of the Sundance Co//ab Fiction Directing Online Course: Core Elements - January 2019

Advisor: Peter Sollett

Directed by: Cameo Wood

Produced by: Connie Jo Sechrist

Cinematographer: Andria Chamberlain

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From arrival to deportation.
An immigrant’s story told through
a fortuneteller.

A new short film by Charming Stranger Intern 2020 Bennington College Field Work Term (FWT) student and first time director Tamar Giligashvili 


A young girl deals with her grief with the help of a new friend.

A short film by Charming Stranger
Intern 2018 Bennington College Field Work Term (FWT) student and first time director Clare Maceda.


Dukha In

A short visit to the reindeer herders of the east taiga in Mongolia.

A short documentary featuring a day in the life of the Dukha people of Northern Mongolia. Shot entirely by Cameo Wood 
on an iPhone 5.

The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing

23 episode series. Over the course of a month, we travelled around the environs of Beijing to interview fringe artists and artistic rebels doing what they love and disrupting our understanding of the Chinese art scene.

Shot on Sony DSLR. On Location in Shanghai and Beijing China

Client: Biorequiem, Shien Lee, Frei Group, Charming Stranger Films

Completed: Spring 2013

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