Our Interns don't get us coffee; they learn how write, direct, and edit their own short films during our 
six week internship program.


Many of the films have played in festivals 
world wide and even won some awards. 
Check out the films below.


A young girl explores grief with a new friend.

Synopsis: Celia is a young girl who doesn’t quite understand how the world works. She has spent the last year of her life in a state of confusion due to a tragic loss. Her odd behavior has left her ostracized by the children at school and driven her even farther away from an abusive mother, forcing her to turn to an unlikely companion.

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Elisha Aflalo
2019 Directing Intern

Running Deep

A small birthday dinner between a lonely mother and her distant daughter goes south as

the truth is finally revealed.


Synopsis: Based on the myth of the Lady of Stow Lake, Running Deep, is a conceptual look into how trauma can affect one’s reality. What seems like a happy reunion of a mother and her daughter, Marlow, is so much more as the truth comes out. Marlow forces her mother to look back on a lifetime of memories as she hopes to shock her mother back to reality.


Kahuna babysits Damira every day after
school, but during one afternoon they find
out crucial secrets they have been keeping from each other.

Synopsis: After Damira’s birthday at school, Kahuna surprises her with a gift. After receiving Kahuna’s gift, Damira reacts differently than how Kahuna had expected. As the afternoon continues, soon Kahuna realizes the truth behind Damira’s unexpected reaction.

Tamar Giligashvili
2020 Directing Intern


From arrival to deportation. An immigrant’s story told through a fortuneteller.


Synopsis: Nabila has just arrived in the US to study and support her family overseas. She comes across a fortune teller meditating and drinking Turkish coffee on a rug, who offers to read her palm. As the fortune teller narrates Nabila’s future, predictions take place in real time. All action happens on, around the turkish rug. Nabila struggles to keep up with her life here as an ‘alien resident’ and the feeling of having no agency that comes with it.

You’re So

A comedic look at an uneven relationship between two young women.

Synopsis: A romantic who wears her heart on her sleeve goes on a date with a cynic who withholds her true feelings. While the pair may not have much in common, their first date turns into a series of hangouts on a rooftop. Questions of intimacy, and labels erupt in heartbreak. 

Sharissa Wright
2020 Directing Intern

Dream Chaser

A young adult falls into the pressures of living up to society’s standards. She measures her self worth by comparing herself to others on social media causing her to use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with depression.


Synopsis: Torie is a recent college grad who is adjusting to life on her own. Her way of measuring her success, is by constantly comparing herself to her friends online which ultimately leads to her depression. The only way she can escape the issues of her waking life is by sleeping. Her dreams are her only opportunity to be her most happy and authentic self. Through her constant battle with depression, will she ever find a way to make her dreams a reality?

Fire Escape

Gina is an adopted Vietnamese American girl who has just moved into a new apartment. On Chinese New Years, she becomes reflective in the state of her own identity..

Synopsis: A lonesome and timid girl hears community and happiness from the Chinese New Years parade. Too afraid to join the parade itself, she decides to observe from a room above. As her curiosity leads her to push past her boundaries, she befriends someone unexpected.